A better lifestyle.
For you.

Do you want to re-negotiate to make new meanings?

Become a dividual.
Become liberated.

Let the Dividual’s Health Organization be your commodity for tomorrow.
Your own help-line, a mental support in a solitary life.
A sacral voice guiding you to safety – to your own sanctuary.

Do you dare to imagine a
fully self-optimized us?

We at the Dividual’s Health Organization invite you to be liberated from fixed meaning.

Leave the old and enter
the new you.

The Dividual’s Health Organization is here to offer you a better lifestyle.

Worldwide availability

Dividual’s Health Organization is here for you.

A network sociality
Institutionalized but independent. Labour is organized cooperatively.
Not an authority
A distinguished commonplace between private ownership and commune. You can now be the transfiguration of that commonplace!

Your new lifestyle

Your new lifestyle is just three steps away.
We will guide you through our program.


The individual is special to everything else

→ Step One


Letting go of the idea of the individual as a format that breeds capitalism

→ Step Two


Contest the individual to counter individualism

→ Step Three


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